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By Regina Rowley | October 13, 2021

Mental Health – Lovingkindness Mental health, like our physical health, is dynamic & fluid. My mental and emotional health directly impact my physical health, so I must be intentional with all. Years ago when I began my yoga teacher training, I self identified as a burnt out Type A personality. Mentally and emotionally, in the […]

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International Women’s Day

By Regina Rowley | March 8, 2021

As a self defense instructor, I teach women the importance of remaining alert, aware of her surroundings at all times. We learn to trust our intuition and to live peacefully, while preparing to be our own line of defense. As International Women’s Day arrives may we accept the challenge to be alert. Alert to and […]


Curiosity, Compassion and Connection

By Regina Rowley | June 19, 2020

Several weeks ago, one of my interns told me our I Am Priceless community needed to hear from me. In a time of painful social unrest, many are feeling the impact of hatred and disconnection. They needed to hear from a leader they respected. As one who understands the power of words, I was unwilling […]

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Dragonfly Retreat

By Regina Rowley | June 16, 2020

Dragonfly Retreat – Your Journey of Recovery July 24-26, 2020 Optional VIP Day: July 23 or 27 Jamaica Beach, Texas 77554

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Bone Sigh Arts

By Regina Rowley | May 27, 2020

Are you tired, scared, lonely? “Come on in and have some tea.” ~Terri St. Cloud I came across Bone Sigh Arts during one of my hardest times and have followed it for years now. Terri’s insights are relevant and genuine. I feel seen, heard and validated when I read her simple, profound words. While we have […]


Inner Peace in the Midst of Turmoil…

By Regina Rowley | September 27, 2018

“…Anger and frustration are frequently signs/symptoms of deeply buried pain…” Once again we are at a crossroads of a powerful entity questioning a survivor who dares greatly and speaks up. Questioning her truth because she waited decades to speak. The purpose of this post is to state my own experience and the timing of disclosing […]


Rambling Thoughts on Hopelessness

By Regina Rowley | December 26, 2016

Unexpressed pain leads to hopelessness. Writing, provides a means for me to express my pain, to sort the mess out and start letting it go. Our feelings need to be expressed, they are energy in motion. If we repress, ignore or deny our feelings they don’t go away. Instead they fester and come out deeper, […]

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I Am Priceless Campaign

By Regina Rowley | December 14, 2016

I Am Priceless movement was created to enlighten, empower, and enrich the lives of women. We are preparing to launch with a video campaign in January. You are priceless and we would be honored for you to join our video. Follow this link IAP sign for videos – photos print your poster, in color if you can; […]

Warning! Regina’s Rant…

By Regina Rowley | October 9, 2016

While the following rant is mine, I speak up for all who have yet to find their own voice. As one who greatly dislikes the insults, punches, and toiling of politics, I stay out of the arena. I have cast my vote without posting, sharing, tweeting, about it. And while I will agree both current candidates […]


Trust Your Intuition – Honor Your Feelings

By Regina Rowley | August 23, 2016

When we live almost entirely in our conscious mind, our intuition will be undeveloped. Our culture favors logic and when we are unable to logically defend our reasons, our intuition tends to be discounted. This process begins in childhood leading us to discount our own feelings and subconscious. We learn to doubt our ability to […]


Sheryl, You Are Priceless

By Regina Rowley | March 3, 2016

I was just reaching out to a few people regarding the upcoming I Am Priceless: Voices of Victory Over Violence  book when I came across this interview with #SherylUnderwood #SherylIsPriceless by #People writer, @EmilyStrohm. We all have a story. Sometimes, it includes tragedy, violence and unimaginable things. While we may not always be able to control what happens, […]


Savvy Travel Tips

By Regina Rowley | February 26, 2016

As I am sitting here preparing for my next speaking event, the WGLA Leadership in Excellence Annual Conference, I started considering savvy safety for travel. One thought led to another and since Spring Break is just around the corner, it seems like an appropriate time to share Savvy Travel Tips. Let me know how these […]


Home Safety Plan

By Regina Rowley | February 18, 2016

What to do if you are home during a break in….      No one wants to consider this real possiblity. Yet, having a safety plan can really make a difference and help you and your loved ones survive. Before a Break In: Make a plan. Call a family meeting. Is everyone ambulatory? If not, […]



By Regina Rowley | February 18, 2016

Strangulation is a serious and debilitating action. It is imperative you know how to counter it immediately and do so. You can pass out within seconds and die within minutes. Time IS of the essence. Don’t count on begging or pleading. Be prepared. YWCA has an informative blog post on this topic. Read it here: Strangulation. […]


Situational Awareness Assessment

By Regina Rowley | February 17, 2016

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, the practice of remaining alert in the present moment and aware of the reality of the present situation. If your reality changes and becomes dangerous, you are better able to handle and mitigate the threat, getting yourself to safety. Respect and listen to, act on your intuition.  Rate your level of situational awareness […]


Risk Assessment

By Regina Rowley | February 17, 2016

Risk Assessment Worksheet ~ Personal Security Profile Answer questions as honestly and specifically as possible. Observe and mitigate risks. Destroy information when finished. Do not leave laying around for potential attackers. TRAVEL FROM HOME TO WORK Departure time: Arrival time: Method of transportation: How many routes? Do you vary your routes randomly? Any routine stops? […]


Teen Dating Violence

By Regina Rowley | February 7, 2016

The month of Love… Last year I wrote about Love and 50 Shades of Grey. You can read it here: 50 Shades… My views haven’t changed; coersion, stalking, and/or controlling another person is NOT love; not in teen relationships, not in adult relationships, not in heterosexual relationships, not in homosexual relationships. NOT EVER! February is also […]


KUTA Stalking Log

By Regina Rowley | February 7, 2016

Your Name: _________________________                Your Phone Number:_____________________ Description of Suspect Name:__________________________________________________________________ Race: ________________________                 Gender:______________________________ Date of Birth:__________________________ Height & Weight:____________________________________________ Eye Color:  ___________________                       Hair Color: _____________________ Home Address:_________________________________________________________________ Work Address:__________________________________________________________________ Home/Cell:__________________________________________________ […]


Your Story is Important!

By Regina Rowley | January 15, 2016

Last year I felt compelled to provide a platform for thriving survivors to share their stories. Just as I was beginning the process of compiling Stepping Stones from Skeletons, my life story began unfolding another chapter. One I needed to give full attention to. As I have healed forward, it is now time to complete […]


When It Doesn’t Make Sense

By Regina Rowley | January 6, 2016

Everything Happens for a Reason… I know I have said this. I have mimed this expression, which others have said to me, and around me. Just as so many other thoughts have been inherited and embraced without question. Among the varied life lessons 2015 brought me, it is to be more comfortable questioning that which […]


You Never Think It Will Happen To You

By Regina Rowley | January 5, 2016

Regardless of where or how you meet, intimate partner violence, aka: domestic violence, is real. It is not your fault. No one is immune. Going to church, meeting your signicant other in church, at a bar, club, online or in school, being a Christian, not being a Christian, all of these factors are irrelevant when it […]


Today is the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere…

By Regina Rowley | December 22, 2015

The following article is from a blog I came across. I am sharing it with permission, as is stated in the final paragraph. You may or may not agree with everything Andrea shares. At least be open and do your own resesarch, then, make your health a priority. Sleep, quantity and quality, is imperative to […]


Savvy Holidays

By Regina Rowley | December 16, 2015

Enjoy fun and festivites! I hope you are making time to be with those who inspire and empower you. While being savvy about safety is a daily activity, here are a few specific thoughts to keep in mind. Check previous posts for more on travel safety. We covered travel safety in November. Shopping or dining: Keep […]


Schemes, Ploys, Con-Artists… Little Things?

By Regina Rowley | December 2, 2015

In the big picture of life, being scammed out of a few bucks is “a little thing”. When we look at the potential “What ifs” our “Creeper Meeter” should be in alert mode. You have just walked out of the movie theater. You are in your car and lock the door. Before you leave….  What […]


Home Invasions – Invasive & Dangerous

By Regina Rowley | November 1, 2015

Home invasions are invasive and dangerous. Creating the habit of locking all of your doors and windows greatly reduces the opportunity. To some, this is a natural habit already. For others it bears repeating. College Station, TX has been experiencing home invasions. The intruder has entered unlocked doors. Women have awakened to a man standing […]


Savvy Safety for Halloween

By Regina Rowley | October 31, 2015

Savvy Safety Whether you opt to Trick-or-Treat or attend a community event here are Six Savvy Safety tips. S: Swords, knives, and other costume accessories should be short, soft, and flexible. A: Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult. F: Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you. E: Enter or Excuse… […]


5 Tips, No Tricks

By Regina Rowley | October 31, 2015

5 Halloween Tips, No Tricks Costumes, Candy and Family Critters Family canines may think they need to protect their home and loved ones. The scary costumes and/or mean pranksters could be frightening for your furry critters. Keep your pet away from the front door if Trick-or-Treaters are coming by. No candy for your critters! Packaging […]


Parking Lot Safety

By Regina Rowley | October 28, 2015

KUTA– Keep Up The Awareness Parking Lot Safety It was with a sad heart and because of an incident in a community where many of my friends and family live, that I write this blog today. Parking lots are one of the top three locations women are assaulted. Knowing this simple fact should make […]


Miners or Real Estate Agents?

By Regina Rowley | October 24, 2015

Being a miner includes operating equipment, excavating, loading and transporting natural materials. They work underground and in open mines. Being a real estate agent includes studing property listings, interviewing prospective clients, accompaning clients to property site, discussing conditions of sale, and drawing up real estate contracts. Which career do you think has the highest rate of […]


She Fought Back…

By Regina Rowley | September 17, 2015

It was Just Another Morning… Every day seems like just another day. We get up and go through our morning routines, fulfill our obligations and come home to unwind and enjoy restorative sleep. All is well when the rest of the world allows us to carry on with life the way we plan. However, we […]

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Regina is an international voice enlightening and empowering women to rise above limiting beliefs, overcome fear and write their own ending as a Goddess Warrior. Whether speaking or teaching, Regina is sensitive, fun and relate-able as she shows women, they too, can tap into their inner strength, gain confidence, and replace limiting beliefs.

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Regina is an international voice enlightening and empowering women to rise above limiting beliefs, overcome fear and write their own ending as a Goddess Warrior. Whether speaking or teaching, Regina is sensitive, fun and relate-able as she shows women, they too, can tap into their inner strength, gain confidence, and replace limiting beliefs.



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