Your Story is Important!

Last year I felt compelled to provide a platform for thriving survivors to share their stories.

Just as I was beginning the process of compiling Stepping Stones from Skeletons, my life story began unfolding another chapter. One I needed to give full attention to. As I have healed forward, it is now time to complete the project and give a voice to those untold stories. Voices, we know will inspire, encourage and provide an understanding relief to those who have yet to find their own voices.


The stories I speak of, are thriving women who have crumbled the skeletons of former abuse to make beautiful Stepping Stones. These are stories of childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and/or workplace abuse. Stories of hope, belief, and promise. Voices
proclaiming victory over violence and declaring No More Silence!

Negotiations are underway and with the publishing company. Our book will launch in April!! Reserve YOUR spot today and begin writing your story.

If this project resonates with you, get full details here: 

Feel free to share this post with the women in your life. This opportunity is available to women warriors across the globe and time is of the essence! to reserve your spot today. Only 12 authors will be accepted.  Space is LIMITED.

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