Situational Awareness Assessment

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, the practice of remaining alert in the present moment and aware of the reality of the present situation. If your reality changes and becomes dangerous, you are better able to handle and mitigate the threat, getting yourself to safety. Respect and listen to, act on your intuition. 

Rate your level of situational awareness for each item that applies to you. Be honest and write in any specific comments that will clarify your answer.

1=poor 2=average 3=good 4=excellent

While driving I pay attention to see if anyone is following me or watching me along my routes.

When riding in a vehicle I pay attention to my surroundings (rather than talking on the phone or reading the newspaper, etc.).

When at home, I pay attention to foot and vehicle traffic on my street, especially near my home.

When I’m home, I notice if anyone is watching me, my family or my home.

I keep all doors locked while I am home.

I lock all doors when I am away from home.

I pay attention to my surroundings when parking my vehicle and when reentering it after time away.

I keep my vehicle doors locked while I am driving and whenever my vehicle is parked.

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