The Year of the Move – My 2022 Recap

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"Every end is a new beginning." -Marianne Williamson

This year has been an exceptionally, overwhelming one for me. With the last half of the year weighing extra heavy, I needed to go back to my journal entries to remember how the first half of the year unfolded.

The end of 2021 found me reading The Bug in Our Brain by Robert Christiansen. His book moved me so much I wanted to share it on Audible with certain people in my life. Since it was not available on Audible at that time I contacted him. He replied that he had already begun to record it and it was his goal to finish the project in 2022. Then he asked me if I would proofread the project as he was recording it. What an honor! It was advantagous for me to hear and re-read the content as I proofed the audible book.

"Each time we elevate our worthiness, we open the valve of abundance to even greater opportunities. We have clarity of vision because we are open to seeing the truth." -Robert Christansen

I began my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and had every intention of completing it in 2022. As you read, you will learn life did not unfold the way I planned. In spite of the many challenges of 2022, I Am Priceless continued to meet for our monthly events and quarterly birthday celebrations. We are planning our 2023 events now and will have those out shortly. Would you like to learn more about I Am Priceless? Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Priceless Opportunities

Spring time brought me the honor of being invited into and accepted in the Yoga Warrior contest. So many beautiful souls rallied around and supported me in this contest. While I did not advance to the final elimination round, I did finish in second place for my group. What a funtastic experience, which also supported our veterans. I hope the beautiful souls who supported me, know just how deeply their love and support impacted me.

Jerry and I spent the first  half of the year looking for a home closer to his work in Houston. The housing market was crazy with homes selling at premium prices and still needing thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Running out of time, we opted for a manufactured home and had it moved onto our property in Magnolia. This option was especially difficult for me and I walked into it with a lot of resistance. Needless to say, I have greatly suffered physically.

"So much of what causes heartache, is our wanting things to be different than they are." - Dalai Lama

"Change is not painful, only resistance to change." - Buddha

”When our feelings are stronger than our mindfulness, we suffer.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Buying a new home, in my opinion, should be fun. Our experience with the whole ordeal was grueling, disappointing and frustrating. Even after we bought our home, we had months of delays waiting on contractors and utility companies to prepare our land so we could live in our house.

Just before our move in July, Snuggles, our 13 year old cat, began having health issues. First was an absessed tooth, due to an extra tooth hiding behind other teeth. Weeks after correcting this issue he still wasn't himself. More tests showed his thyroid was not working optimally and his kidneys were not healthy. Even after we started a Rx for his thyroid he still wasn't eating. So now he is also on medication to stimulate his appetite. He refused to eat the perscription food so we have exlored raw and dehydrated, raw food. He will eat them. As long as he gets both meds every day, he seems ok. We monitor his kidneys, as well as his thyroid now. He tends to be cold and prefers to be in my lap during the day and laying on top of me if I'm in bed.

In September, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Florida with a friend for a wedding. We had a fabulous time soaking up sunshine, with salty breezes in our hair, sandy toes, and dancing at the wedding. While I was gone, Snuggles stressed himself into a UTI. Now I know I have to limit my time away from him. I still go out of town to teach Yoga Teacher Training, but if I'm gone, it is only one night.

While my mind and body have benefitted from the slower pace after our move, I have really missed teaching every day. There aren't any yoga studios near by so I have spent the last half of 2022 learning how to set up my virtual course. This has been quite the undertaking. It is designed for women 40-62 who are peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopause. It will launch later this month.

I'm still conducting market research, so if you identify with the above criteria, email me and let's go over a few questions.

The one lesson 2022 kept bringing back to me was to honor the journey I am on. So I am learning to take the time I need instead of bulldozing ahead. I am learning more about myself and the effects of trauma that still manifest in me. I now know I have some auditory sensory triggers and have begun to recognize when I'm triggered.

The end of December, Jerry had surgery. While he is home recovering now, I still feel edgy. My body is in so much pain, it feels like visegrips on my neck and hips. Logically, I know he is ok. But on a subtle level, my nervous system still feels threatened, in danger.

Stress and overwhelm were constants for me in 2022. I continued with my personal yoga nidra practice and spent time outside as often as possible to help regulate my nervous system. I have begun to feel strong enough to add yoga and yoga shred back into my days. Through my reading and studying I have learned the following Happiness Hormone Hacks. Maybe you will find them helpful too.

Dopamine is our Reward chemical. We often, unwittingly, hack it by eating food. But we can also hack it by Achieving a Goal, Completing a Task and with Self Care Activities. Knowing this, we can reconsider when we start to grab a snack. Maybe we can use one of the other hacks and skip those calories.

Serotonin is our Mood Stabilizing chemical. We can support it with Sun Exposure, Being with Nature, Mindfulness, and Meditation. Dark thoughts and heavy emotions have visited me more often this year. Now I understand why sunshine is so important to me. So when the cold weather keeps me inside, you can find me hanging out in front of the patio door soaking up sunshine with my cats.

Oxytocin is our Love chemical. We boost it when we Socialize, Help Others, Pet Animals and we Physically Touch others. I really miss helping others and the social circle I had while teaching for yoga studios. However, I am taking on more private clients and enjoy providing personalized yoga, meditation and fitness for them. This link will take you to my schedule for a Complimentary Visit.

Endorphin is our Pain Killer chemical. We boost it when we laugh, exercise, listen to music and watch a movie. If you have a favorite comedy show or movie, please share it with me. I'm not a fan of raunchy, so finding a comedy to watch can take some effort.

Do you remember The Beverly Hillbillies show? It premiered in the early 1960s. I recently began watching the reruns on Prime and have had some laugh out loud moments along with plenety of smiles and chuckles. I have noticed the more I laugh, the less pain I feel. So there is something to this hack.

We have postponed our new home Open House until this Summer. This will give Jerry time to heal and for us to get more projects completed. Let me know if you'd like an invitation. It will be a peaceful, retreat vibe with laughter. I'd love to see you in person.

Well, this wraps up my synopsis of 2022. It wasn't bad, but it was hard, stressful and overwhelming. In times past I would minimize my experiences knowing others had even greater challenges. But life isn't a competition or a comparison.

"Perspective is healthy. Comparison distorts truth." - Britt Frank.

My experiences are just that, mine. They have been overwhelming this past year and should not be minimized. Nor should your experiences be minimized. My current life events are served up on the injured foundation that makes me who I am. A foundation that continues to bring forward opportunities to process and heal.

"By learning about the impacts of adversity, we can also find pathways toward healing." - Gabor Mate' M.D.

I am so happy to be in a place where I can once again open my schedule for private clients. Let's chat. Contact me for a complimentary visit. Let's see if we should be working together. Go here Complimentary Visit

Once there, you will click on Category, select Speaking Event. Then, click on Service and select Complimentary Call.

May 2023 be peaceful, productive and prosperous.

With hugs, love, gratitude and light.


I'm ready for support!

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