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Calm Confident Self Defense with Regina Rowley

I offer private individual and small group training to better meet your needs and goals. When you plan your own training, you may invite a few friends, or your own group, to join you.

Calm Confident Self Defense is offered in 10 lessons per level, with 4 levels in the program. Each lesson is about an hour. You may book one level at a time. Serious participants, desiring Calm Confidence, save money and book multiple levels at once.

We cover a variety of rear attacks, slaps, punches, gun and knife defenses, improvised weapons, strangulations, falls and how to quickly recover, rape defense and more through out the levels.

Private classes are $500 per level. Savings are applied when multiple levels are booked and paid for at one time. Two levels: $950, three levels: $1350, four levels: $1750.

A special offer for you when you book a private training. Have a girlfriend join you at no additional cost for level one. You can gift it to her or have her pay you half. Your choice.

For a group of 10, the first level, 10 lessons, is $2060, and requires one payment. Each additional person will be $180.00.

If your group of 10 needs individual invoices, the cost will be $210 per person.

Clients who finish a level are always welcome to practice at future trainings of the same level, without additional cost.

I look forward to empowering you with life saving, peace of mind training so you enjoy life unlimited.

Train Calm. Live Confident.  Regina

Information about what I teach. I include mental and emotional coaching as you train physical techniques. The lessons and techniques are from Smart Safe. We merge situational awareness with prevention tactics which gives you the ability to handle violent confrontations. It is a blend of Jui Jitsu, Judo and Krav Maga. Smart Safe is also known as Women's Commando Krav Maga.

Smart Safe is for every woman regardless of age, size or shape. In Smart Safe you will tap into your emotions to engage yourself and others. Research shows that when your emotions are engaged, the learning experience is enhanced and the impact is greater. Build your calm self-confidence with realistic techniques, case studies, drills and group discussions.

Train Calm. Live Confident.

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