You Never Think It Will Happen To You


Regardless of where or how you meet, intimate partner violence, aka: domestic violence, is real. It is not your fault. No one is immune. Going to church, meeting your signicant other in church, at a bar, club, online or in school, being a Christian, not being a Christian, all of these factors are irrelevant when it comes to domestic violence. I have heard of and seen it occur in all relationships, young, old, middle age.

One common thought, “I didn’t think it would happen to me.” And once it does, the abused begins self blaming and making excuses in an effort to understand.

While countless articles have been written in regard to domestic violence, this blog is to relay one woman’s experience. There is still so much misinformation and simple ignorance regarding this painful epidemic.

“Wilson said she met the man in April using Tinder, an online dating service, and he moved into her home two weeks later. ‘It was really good. We both have children, and we had the children together and he was a Prince Charming — this nice-looking guy who works out,’ she said.” Read her story here: I Thought I was Going to Die

For resources, and help finding a shelter:

Please share this with the women in your life. Together, we can and are making a difference.

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