Schemes, Ploys, Con-Artists… Little Things?

In the big picture of life, being scammed out of a few bucks is “a little thing”. When we look at the potential “What ifs” our “Creeper Meeter” should be in alert mode.

You have just walked out of the movie theater. You are in your car and lock the door. Before you leave…. reduce distractions

What if a respectable woman in her 40s knocked on your car window asking for a few dollars. She had run out of gas and promises she will mail the money back to you. She sounds convincing and you are empathetic. She doesn’t appear mean or bad… you roll down your window, give her ten bucks and she disappears. Immediately you sense you were scammed. Because you were not injured and did not give her your address you let it go and move on. It is such a little thing, you don’t file a report with the local police. After all, it’s embarrassing to have fallen prey to a con-artist.

What if, you actually give her your address… now you have compromised your safety at home. What if she has an accomplice, gives him the address and he robs your home before you get there?

What if, a similar incident occurs at a local super market, only this time a gun is presented when the you lower your window? The woman commands you to scoot over and she gets in. Now you are being kidnapped and your car hijacked. What would you do?

One of my former students recently sent me the following message. “Thinking of you. Just had a creeper encounter. Made sure we were not targeted thanks to you. I was empowered not to consider his feelings more than making our safety paramount.”

Two of my local students have recently been approached by “a woman around 40 years old who looked safe and respectable” asking for money and promising to return it if they provide their address. This led to kidnapping discussions and watching videos on the topic.

While I understand this is unpleasant and most women would rather not think about the possibilibites. Like anything else in life, the more we know and prepare, the better we can handle/counter such situations. Parking lots are one of the top three locations women are asaulted. With this in mind, the more aware and engaged you are with your surroundings the less likely you are to be targeted. Be more concerned with your safety than the feelings of a stranger asking for money.

Holidays and all of the extra activities, travel and exhaustion can leave us open to schemes, and ploys. Safety training and self defense make thoughtful gifts. Contact me to discuss options. With today’s technology, we can meet virtually, removing the travel barrier. Say YES to yourself and invest in your safety training.

Be mindful and aware. You and your loved ones are worth protecting! KUTA!


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Regina is an international voice enlightening and empowering women to rise above limiting beliefs, overcome fear and write their own ending as a Goddess Warrior. Whether speaking or teaching, Regina is sensitive, fun and relate-able as she shows women, they too, can tap into their inner strength, gain confidence, and replace limiting beliefs.


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