Savvy Holidays

Enjoy fun and festivites! I hope you are making time to be with those who inspire and empower you. While being savvy about safety is a daily activity, here are a few specific thoughts to keep in mind. Check previous posts for more on travel safety. We covered travel safety in November.

Shopping or dining: Keep Up Your Awareness!

  • Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.winter snow berries branch
  • Shop with a friend, there is safety in numbers. AND Stay Aware!
  • Carry only the credit cards and identification you need.
  • Leave big purses at home. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Have your keys ready in your hand before leaving the store!
  • Don’t hang your purse on the back of a chair or set your items down unattended. 

Parking lots: Be Savvy!

  • Walk briskly, confidently, and directly through the parking lot.
  • Park where you can see if someone is loitering near your car.
  • Park in a well lit area of the parking lot if you shop at night.
  • Ask a security officer to walk you to your car if you are uncomfortable.
  • Be cautious of people handing out fliers and asking questions in the parking area.
  • Check the backseat and cargo area before getting into your car.

KUTA at Home!

  • Keep the outside of your home well lit with doors and windows locked.
  • Do not display gifts beneath a Christmas tree which can be seen from a window.
  • After the holidays, do not announce your new high-dollar purchase/gifts.  Break down the boxes of TV’s, stereos, computers, etc. before putting them in the trash.

Social Safety!

  • Use wisdom and refrain from sharing expensive gifts received.
  • Turn off notifications of where photos are taken.
  • Use caution showing the inside of your home in photos.
  • Save travel photos for AFTER you are back home and keep travel details off social media.

Share Savvy Safety with your friends and family. Keep Them Safe!