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Home Invasions – Invasive & Dangerous

Home invasions are invasive and dangerous. Creating the habit of locking all of your doors and windows greatly reduces the opportunity. To some, this is a natural habit already. For others it bears repeating. College Station, TX has been experiencing home invasions. The intruder has entered unlocked doors. Women have awakened to a man standing over them.

Secondly, if this occurs to you or someone you know, call police ASAP. Do not wait. Do not touch or clean anything.

Creating a few other simple habits can reduce the opportunities for home invasions. Here you go. Keep the garge door down/locked and watch it close before you exit your unlocked vehicle. Ensure no one has slipped in behind your car. Lock the door between the house and garage. Refrain from opening the front door just because someone knocks or rings the bell. Verify who is there and why. It is no longer necessary to open your door to sales people! If it is police, get their badge number and name, then call the office to verify why an officer is at your door. Look up the number yourself. Do not use one the officer provides, as it may be a phony.

While there is much more to be said about preventing home invasions, the easiest way to prevent someone invading your home is to LOCK the doors and windows. Always! Stay in control, lock your doors, set alarms and enjoy peaceful rest.
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