Two Types of Predators

I was browsing through my new book Facing Violence by Rory Miller. He clarifies the difference in predators. I hope the following information helps you better understand those differences and how serious they are.

Resource Predator: The resource predator will use violence to take your money, valuables, car, etc. Typically he only threatens violence, but will use it if deemed necessary to complete his mission. Examples are burglar, robber, car jacker, mugger.

By giving the resource predator the desired item, car, money, etc. you end the threat.

Process Predator: For the process predator violence IS the crime. This is a learned behavior through trial and error. Examples include rapist, ritual torturer, serial killer.

A process predator needs privacy and time to carry out his intentions therefore he will go to his target or take the target to a location of his choosing. Either way, private time with a violent criminal is not in your best interest. If he invades your home believe his intent is brutal and be prepared to end the situation quickly. Any risk to escape is worth it! Should it be his intent to take you to a secondary location, Don’t go! Remember our Cardinal Rule; “Never, Ever voluntarily go to a secondary location.” Your chances of survival are greater where you stand and fight, than at a location of his choosing.

With this helpful information perhaps you can reevaluate and analyze your personal security and routines. Are there times when you are more vulnerable than others? What can you do to mitigate those opportunities? Have you done all you can to minimize an intruders ability to invade your home? Do you have improvised weapons in key areas of your home; beside the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom, etc. Get out of your comfort zone. Think like a criminal. Prepare for the undesirable. Then, your are a step ahead!

Smartsafe training prepares you by helping you learn to engage situational awareness and use the element of surprise as your best friend. Train Smart. Train Safe. Be Smartsafe!

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