Facing Fears – Breaking Free

Life’s journey is full of crossroads, minor dips and major valleys along with hill tops and mountain peaks. While participating in my Level 4 Smart Safe certification bootcamp my emotions went through a roller coaster ride of dips, turns, twists and that slow climb to the top as I revisited the reason I do what I do. My heart ached as though it would break, my body shook as I wept from the depth of my being, remembering the midnight phone call. “Ann”, you finally found the courage to say enough is enough. Your body was physically busted up and bruised, but that didn’t come close to showing the bleeding and bruises of your heart; the years of fear for yourself and your children.

This was it! The final level, the evolution of learning to think beyond techniques; to embrace and apply the concepts. Facing Fears and Breaking Free! Digging deep within, tapping into the mental training of my Tae Kwon Do days. Shelving those emotions and focusing on the event at hand. A dry run so to speak, should I ever face an undesireable event. Reminding myself, again and again, this is for you “Ann”, and every other “Ann” I have the privilege to empower.

Regardless of the road you are on, no matter the dips and twists, dig deep, tap into your inner strength and overcome. Believe in YOURSELF! Be confident and strong! You are victorious!

Thank you Moni Aizik and Linda Benabou for the hours developing and teaching Smart Safe. Thank you for believing in me, empowering me, that I may empower others.

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