10 Simple Safety Tips

Are you running from one holiday event to another? Do you need to squeeze in just one more quick stop at the store? Maybe you are going about your everyday routine. Whatever the day may bring, implement these simple safety tips. Awareness and prevention are key to your safety!

Analyze possible attack locations from a technical perspective. Think like a “bad guy”.

Do not get distracted by talking on your phone, texting or listening to music while walking in parking lots/garages or out for a run/walk. Keep your hearing unobstructed.

Always be completely aware of your surroundings when transitioning from your vehicle into the store, home, office, etc. and vice versa.

Do not turn your back to the parking lot when loading bags into your vehicle. Stand perpendicular.

Be aware of people eavesdropping on your conversations, having access to your personal information on the internet or standing next to you at the PO (your return address), coffee shop…

Never answer the door to strangers.Keep the door locked, ask the person to identify himself. No scheduled appointment?  Don’t open the door.

Lock car doors immediately and keep locked until the moment you exit.  No exceptions! Perform visual sweep of environment before unlocking and exiting your car.

Develop heightened sensory awareness: Engage peripheral vision, keep hearing unobstructed, identify early warning signals of danger, and take action to remove/protect you.

Respect, listen to and act upon your intuition!!

All self-protection begins between your ears. You must believe you are worth protecting. Make up your mind ~ Believe!  I am Beautiful! I am Confident & Strong! I am worth protecting!

Train Smart, Train Safe!  Be Smart Safe!  Keep Up the Awareness~  KUTA!

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