Never answer the door to strangers…

Never answer the door to strangers. Keeping the door locked, ask the person to identify him/herself. If you have no scheduled appointment with this person, do not open the door.

I can’t emphasize this enough! Just this week my doorbell rang at 7:30pm. It was already dark. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Perhaps it really was an innocent solicitor, although I have a No Solicitation sign on my door. Either way, I did NOT open the door. If I wanted what they were offering, I would go to a store for it, NOT open my door to an uninvited salesperson. It doesn’t matter the person was female! Some attackers/thieves work in pairs.

By opening the door, I allow anyone looking to see inside my home. Giving them a view of valuables and furniture layout. If I was being cased for a break in, I did not give them an open view! If I was being targeted, I did NOT give them an open door to come through!

Ladies, we are our first line of defense! We have the choice to engage situational awareness, being engaged and aware of our surroundings. Reducing our chances of being targeted by preventing situations with wise choices. Having a game plan IF we are comprimised.

Do you have a family game plan? What would you do if your bell rang and you weren’t expecting anyone? What if you were expecting someone? What if someone came into your home uninvited?

Be Smart… Be Safe!


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