Do you Zone Out?

Are you like a runner? I have several friends who are. They really enjoy the benefits of hitting the path. For some, this includes zoning out and escaping the mental focus our daily activities require of us. Unfortunately, our community had a couple of incidents with women being attacked. Here is a recap from a recent KUTA! seminar for runners.

Effective self-defense begins with understanding you are entitled to be protected. Have you given yourself permission? How have you prepared to be your first line of defense?

Self defense training prepares you to make wiser and safer decisions. Reducing risks helps you balance freedom and safety so you are not held hostage by fears.

Your self esteem impacts your self image, directly impacting how you respect yourself. Self respect, or lack of it, will influence the degree of effort you put into defending yourself.

Daily homework, look yourself in the mirror and repeat:

I am Beautiful! I am Confident and Strong! I am Worth Protecting!

As I mention in my seminars, this exercise needs to be vocalized OUT LOUD! and do not be shy to complete it in front of others. I assure you, you are making a positive difference, a domino effect, in their lives and together, we are eradicating violence against women.

A top safety tip: do not plug your ears with buds. This eliminates one of your five senses and we understand how essential it is to engage Situational Awareness. Right?

It is critical to steal the element of Surprise an attacker intends to use against you and use it against him. Make Surprise your Best Friend!

Attackers will want Control, Concealment and an easy Escape to carry out an attack. Anytime you can mitigate one of these, you increase your safety. Rape is about Control and Power, not the sexual act itself.

The top three locations women are attacked: home, parking lots and public restrooms.

Cardinal Rule: Never voluntarily go to a secondary location.

Tell every woman you know. You just might be giving them information that saves their life one day.

Remember to fight to survive! Unleash full force and never hesitate in your commitment to survive. You are Worth Protecting!




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