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For months my Women’s Warrior Workout DVD was MIA (missing in action). I kept thinking one of my sons had gathered it up after being over, playing games. They both looked and didn’t find it in their stashes… Sadly, I resigned myself to never being able to find it. Of course, it was something from years back. Having found this little treasure at a used book store, I didn’t foresee being able to find it again. Especially, when I couldn’t even remember the name of the instructor.

Lo and behold, I was looking for something on a shelf and what did I stumble across… The WWW DVD.  Oh happy day! Why you might ask? What is so special about it?

Melanie Murphy, The Women’s Warrior Workout instructor, helps me train my body from the inside – out. I work on peak conditioning while focusing on inner quality for confidence and presence of mind. My strength of mind is just as important as my body strength. The abilities to balance, to be agile are directly impacted by my calm and focus.

Even if you do not have this fabulous fitness DVD, you can choose to use whatever fitness program you have to develop mental strength as well as physical strength. Stay calm, focused, run to the work, not away from it. Dig deep. When you think you can’t go another second, breathe deep. Focus and stay with it. Overcome the quitter mentality. You can choose to think like a Warrior. Your actions will follow your thoughts.

After all, as a KUTA Empowered Woman, you are prepared to be your first line of defense, so practice thinking like a Warrior, because…

… You are the survivor!

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