Unconscious Confidence

If you don’t have the physical skills you used to, it likely means you’re even more of a target for the epidemic of random street violence escalating across the globe today.

It’s the reason why this information is even more critical to you.

Here’s a snippet taken from TFT Master Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr’s recent article, That New Victim Smell…

“Gait, body language, the way people move when they come into close contact with others – these things tell the story of that person’s interior life, their secret fears and intentions.
“In short, who’s a victim and who’s not.

“When the criminal sociopath looks for a victim, they scan that tableau and register everybody as a target or trouble. And because they (usually) didn’t get out of bed this morning looking for a fight, or an epic battle, they slide past the trouble-makers and focus on the targets.

“To the trained, and to the predator, the victims stand out. They can smell it… and see the stink lines. Acting tough doesn’t hide it. It just amplifies it.

“You can’t pretend to not be a victim. The difference between victim and not-victim is unconscious confidence. It radiates from the core, outward, and shines like a beacon even when you’re not paying attention to projecting anything. Your gait, your stance, your body language will give you away, one way or the other. If you know what to do, it shows. If you don’t, well, that’s where the smell comes from…”

Remember, it’s got nothing to do with your physical skills or athletic ability. And as Chris says, it it’s not something you can fake.

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