Personalities and Victimization

Confrontational personality, has a reputation of being hostile and aggressive. She has a chip on her shoulder and is not very sociable. She is an unlikely candidate for any type of flirting, harrassment or sexual assault.
Assertive personality, has high self-esteem, confidence, and experience. She is at home in social settings and exhibits a “Don’t mess with me” aura.
Defensive personality, is non-combative verballly and physically. She is protective if pushed. Temper and aggression are spontaneous and without warning. She will protect her children, but not necessarily herself.
Passive personality, gives the impression of being meek and quiet. Allows herself to be victimized; is the ideal target. She will rarely protect herself.

As a child I was passive, didn’t want to cause trouble or rock the boat. I was that easy target that didn’t protect herself. As a mother I exhibited defensive personality traits. But it was the experience of walking through domestic violence with a friend that changed me. Personality is influenced by life experiences. I’m most certaily an Assertive personality!

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