She Fought Back…

It was Just Another Morning…

Every day seems like just another day. We get up and go through our morning routines, fulfill our obligations and come home to unwind and enjoy restorative sleep. All is well when the rest of the world allows us to carry on with life the way we plan.

However, we do not live in a perfect world. Occaisionally someone else decides we are their next target. Therefore, we must always be prepared to be our own first line of defense. Following is an excerpt and the video link to the article relaying how a woman was attacked as she exited her home.

They say Moore confronted her at her door, assaulted her with a stun gun or Taser then forced her to the ground, punched her in the face several times and held her down on the ground.

Then the woman found a way to fight back. She had a small knife on her key chain and began jabbing the knife into the right side of Moore’s upper body. That, police say, caused Moore to stop his attack and run away.

Woman Defending Herself

Safety Tips:
Take reality based KUTA self defense classes and/or attend a Smart, Savvy & Safe seminar!
Report suspicious individuals. Try to be detailed with your descriptions.
If possible, look through a window before exiting your home to ensure no one is visible.
If there is a blind spot by your door, light it up and/or put a large/heavy object in the blind spot so no one can stand there.
Keep a flashlight, knife, or The Cat on your keychain.
Fight back: scratch, bite, scream, and use self defense techniques.
Be the survivor. You are sooo worth protecting!
If we haven’t already, let’s plan your self defense training. Maybe it’s time to organize a Savvy Safety Seminar for your friends, co-workers. Let’s plan now!
Train Savvy. Live Safe.
Love and Hugs!

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