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Love is respect… respect yourself and respect others. Part of respecting yourself is to make time to take care of your emotional and physical well being. This includes time with family and friends, other than your significant other; eating properly and getting enough sleep; doing activities that put a smile on YOUR face.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, #SAAM. I recorded a short video to tell you about my survivor interviews.  email me at to share your story or introduce me to a survivor in your life.

Sexual Assault is a social issue. One we can say #NoMore to and continue our campaign to bring awareness through education, empowerment and equipping others.

Being treated with respect is a basic human right, one ALL people deserve. When a perpetrator holds power over and controls someone else, it is disrespectful, unhealthy. Silence is no longer an option. We must speak out and stand up to enlighten and shift acceptable behaviors.

For more about healthy and unhealthy relationships:

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence: Simply starting a conversation about these issues can help – as 64% of Americans say if we talk more about domestic violence and sexual assault, it would make it easier to help someone. Help us get the conversation started. Share this blog and use hashtag: #ViolenceStopsHere #SAAM Let’s fill this blog with YOUR stories and help others find their own voice to speak out and the strength to stand up against Sexual Assault.

#ViolenceStopsHere #SAAM #NoMore #DenimDay

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