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It always makes me sad to see joggers with ear buds. Although I totally get it, running to music is enjoyable and motivating, plugging ears with ear buds reduces the ability to hear approaching danger. Anytime we reduce/minimze our senses, we increase the opportunity to be caught off guard. Should you find yourself being followed, do your best to remain calm. It is important for us to set our emotions aside and think logically. Then we can deal with our emotions after the ordeal, when we are surrounded by family and friends.

The following story was in the local news.

Here are the safety tips suggested by the local police.

Walk/Jog on busy well lit streets
Let someone know where you will be walking/jogging and when you are expected to return
Walk/Jog with someone or carry a cell phone

If you feel you are being followed by a vehicle:
Turn and go in the opposite direction. The driver will have to turn around to follow you.

Head towards lighted areas or where other people are located.
If possible, get the license plate of the vehicle and a good description of driver and call 911 immediately.

Use your phone to take photos/videos of the vehicle and driver only if it safe to do so.

I think these are very useful and hope they come to mind should you need them. Another thing we can do is engage our situational awareness. Staying completely aware of our surroundings so if something in our environment changes/becomes dangerous, we can respond and get our selves to safety quicker.

Stay active. Stay safe!


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