Can 10 Weeks Make a Difference?

The above analyses indicates, women who participate in self-defense training are less likely to experience sexual assault and are more confident in their ability to effectively resist assault than similar women who have not taken such a class. This study was conducted by sociologist, Jocelyn Hollander, at the University of Oregon a year after the students completed 10 short weeks of training.

Jocelyn’s study lends credibility to my experience and beliefs. When a woman participates in personal protection training her self-esteem and self image improve. This growth leads to greater confidence and perceived control. She is more aware of her surroundings and implements ways to reduce risks. These women are mindful and postured for self defense.

Intrinsic personal protection becomes a regular part of their daily lives in just 10 life impacting weeks. Impressive!  Thank you Jocelyn!

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