Safety Tips for Targets of Stalking, part 3

Safety at work or school:

• Alert all co-workers, schoolmates and on-site security staff about your situation. Give them as much information as you can about the stalker, including a photograph of him/her, and a description of any vehicles s/he may drive. Ask them to notify you or call the police if they see him/her.

• Tell co-workers and schoolmates not to give out any information about you to anyone. Ask the school administrator or the office staff at your job to make a notation in your file so that this is clear to any new staff members who have access to your personnel files.

• Ask a security guard or trusted friend at work or school to walk you to your car or to the bus. If you have a car, always park in a well-lit area.

• Attending a women’s self defense seminar and/or class will empower you, giving you confidence. Make sure it is reality based; i.e. practical, effective and easily carried out.

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