5 Tips, No Tricks

white cat dumbo hat5 Halloween Tips, No Tricks

Costumes, Candy and Family Critters

Family canines may think they need to protect their home and loved ones. The scary costumes and/or mean pranksters could be frightening for your furry critters.

  1. Keep your pet away from the front door if Trick-or-Treaters are coming by.
  2. No candy for your critters! Packaging can lead to choking or blockage. Foil, when swallowed can be as dangerous as razors. Sticks from caramel apples can lead to choking and/or damage internal organs. Chocolate can be lethal if ingested by your critters.
  3. Avoid leaving your furry loved one sitting in the car while you are Trick-or-Treating.
  4. Be certain decorations are secured properly. Pets can become tangled and/or injured.
  5. Keep your critter inside. There are many stories of pranksters who tease, injure or steal pets left outside on Halloween.

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