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Trauma impact's one's ability to feel safe and nourished in connection with others. Transforming Trauma Course provides information and tools so you gain confidence to trust your mind and body. You are empowered and feel safe and connected. You experience more peace and ease; and minimize anxiety, depression and stress as you learn to stay within your own Window of Tolerance.

Follow this simple Transform and Thrive Plan:

1. Enroll Now 2. Learn to Trust Your Mind & Body 3. Live Unlimited

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Course Curriculum

Transforming Trauma Course


Welcome to Transforming Trauma. Trauma impact's one's ability to feel safe and nourished in connection with others. Transforming Trauma provides information and tools to enlighten and empower each survivor to stay within their own Window of Tolerance. In doing so, members learn to trust their minds and bodies. You can live the life of your choice.

Yoga & Goddess Flow

You have a series of flows which guide all levels through yoga poses so you may experience and embrace the balance of strength and softness already within you. Namaste Friend.


Practitioners of guided meditation believe it helps them develop a deeper sense of awareness, heightened concentration, and a host of individualized benefits.
I fully agree. -Regina

Yin Lessons

Yin Yoga practice helps release our deeper connective tissues, the less active parts of our bodies. It is then, we gain mobility and strength in our joints, ligaments, and deep fascia networks.

PTSD Trigger Education

PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, what is it? Are there symptoms? How can I help myself?

In Transforming Trauma you receive information to help you identify triggers and introduce a few coping skills.


Life is more fun when we have pleasant surprises and gifts. Throughout the course, there will be bonuses from books and tools to enhance your life journey.

Feeling inadequate and fearful can limit joy, lead to chronic stress and seriously reduce your overall health. Being held hostage to the past is unhealthy and unfair. Like you, my clients and I have struggled with society expecting us to repress the trauma and just move on. Enroll Now and let me guide you to a healthier, unlimited life.

Kathy Switzer in half pigeon pose

Kathy Switzer

"I met Regina in a Yoga class several ears ago and she taught me so much about the breath, the mind, and the body through Yoga that I carried with me throughout my journey. in Sept 2018 I got very sick with a condition called Guillian Barre Syndrome which caused me to have paralysis from the shoulders down. Breathing strategies and going to my “ minds eye” saved my life and helped me get through some of the worst pain. In the after picture you will see me about 6 months post GBS in my happy place! My journey continues as I am now working through some increased muscle tone in my lower legs and tree pose continues to be a challenge as is being active for more than 30 minutes of yoga work. I am happy to share this new journey of mine so that others may be encouraged. You can do anything if you set your mind and spirit in a good place!" 

Becky Smith

Becky Lynn Smith, Ed.D.

"Once in a while you meet a person who leaves a lasting impression on your heart, and you become a better person for having known them. Regina Rowley is a truly caring and inspiring woman whose passion for sharing her message of inspiration, safety, awareness, hope, and empowerment for women is amazing. Regina speaks from the heart, connecting with her listeners by sharing her own experiences, while providing valuable information that every girl and woman should have. From the first time I met Regina, and heard her story and saw her passion for helping women overcome domestic violence, I knew that I would personally do everything I could to help her. I have heard her speak on multiple occasions and have taken her self defense classes. Regina’s messages are inspiring, motivating and packed with wisdom and lessons that help her listeners believe in themselves and know without a doubt that they are worth protecting. Regina is the real deal, and I am honored to call her my friend. Everyone should make sure the women they love have the opportunity to hear Regina’s message."

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