Regina Rowley

Flight Attendants and Pilots

Another city… Another hotel… Dinner and drinks with the crew or maybe it’s a quick meal alone…


Finally, you are on the hotel elevator, headed to your room. It’s been a long day filled with airport delays, turbulence and screaming babies. The elevator stops and a man gets on. Before you know it, he has stopped the elevator and shoved you against the wall. You fear for your safety and aren’t sure of what to do.

Are you ready to walk in confidence?

We can help you feel safe again!

Our easy Self-Directed KUTA Empowerment course EQUIPS and EMPOWERS you mentally, emotionally and physically. You save time, money and learn to protect yourself, around your schedule.

Confidence can be your friend the next time you are walking alone.

Feel safer now, when you know how to counter attacks and protect yourself.

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