Regina Rowley

Direct Sales Reps

Are you going into others homes or leaving meetings late?  Do you feel confident and protected?


You have just finished your business meeting at a coffee shop. It is late as you leave the shop and round the corner to your car. You are caught by surprise when a man puts a hand over your mouth and grabs your hair. He quickly opens a car trunk to throw you in. As much as you want to fight back, your body is frozen and you can’t move.

Are you ready to walk in confidence?

Would you like to be in control of your mind and body?

Our easy Self-Directed KUTA Empowerment course EQUIPS and EMPOWERS you mentally, emotionally and physically. You save time, money and learn to protect yourself, around your schedule.

Confidence can be your friend the next time you are walking alone.

Feel safer now, when you know how to counter attacks and protect yourself.

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