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certified14About Regina Rowley and I Am Priceless Training

My mission is to empower as many women as possible. I want them to know they are Beautiful, Confident, Strong and Worth Protecting! They are Priceless! Women have the power and ability, within, to protect themselves. It is my intention and goal for women to discover their inner strength and live life without fear. I realize, together, going forward, we are building new legacies.


Confidence is the unconquerable enemy of fear!” ~Regina Rowley





The idea for I Am Priceless began in 2009 while having coffee with a friend. Two questions were posed, “Who is Regina?  If you could do anything, what would you be doing?” “Oh that every woman knew how to defend herself and would! That she knew in her heart and believed between her ears, she IS valuable, beautiful and worth protecting.” was my passionate response. I enjoy helping others embrace their worth and living a life of positive impact. I’m living my life with greater purpose as I fulfill this passion.


Together, we can change violent statistics against women! 


 Success Stories

“You made it fun and eased my fears of the unknown. You are very patient. I believe women of every age need this training. Not only to know what to do if they are attacked, but to learn how to prevent being in a dangerous situation.”  ~Betty, 59

“I have had a lot of bad experiences with men and have become less empowered as I have gotten older. This class helped me remember how strong I am and how important it is to realize that every day.”  ~Shauna, 26

“Regina is very caring and passionate about what she does. She makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. As an already confident young woman moving to NYC I was excited about learning ways to defend myself. I can now say I am even more confident. I know I have the knowledge and skills to protect myself. Regina and Smartsafe are truely a gift.  ~Kathryn (19)

“Initially, I took this course to support my daughter’s knowledge as she prepared to move to NYC. I have learned so much great information, as well as useful skills… I have never felt so confident!”  “Regina is strong and soft, which is hard to do. She made me feel comfortable.”   ~Sandra (53)

“As a woman living on my own for the first time in my life, classes like this give me the tools to feel confident in my new environment and in my ability to protect myself.” ~Rachel (45)

“You are a great instructor and provided us with a caring and safe environment while learning all these techniques. You are very kind, patient and always had our best interest at heart. The classes flowed smoothly and were well organized.”   ~Ximena (41)

“As a teacher you are energetic, dynamic, approachable and very knowledgeable. It’s easy to see this is your passion and you truly want women to learn and be safe. When I was a young teen I was groped by a man of 18, which was my neighbor. Had I known the techniques I do now, a lot of the abuse I took from him could have been prevented.”   ~Diana  (32)

“Don’t let her sparkling eyes and friendly demeanors fool you. Beneath the surface, Regina is a tiger. Accept that predators exist in the world and learn, from Regina, the information and techniques to be the survivor, should you ever encounter one. ~Jennifer  (41)

“After taking just one hour of Smartsafe, women will become more empowered, more aware, and learn to protect themselves and their loved ones. Staying the course through regular Smartsafe training, will provide women the necessary training to survive a violent confrontation choosing not to become a target of opportunity.”   ~Dennis Stoika – CKM instructor, WCKM-Smartsafe instructor, CKM for Law Enforcement/Military instructor, and ECF Instructor, Former United States Marine, Former local Police Officer, Current Federal Agent

“Early in my life, I was harassed by my ex-husband. I let fear rule me and my reactions. I now know I will not let fear rule my reactions. I will and CAN fight back!” ~Betty (59)

I have always wanted to do this and glad I finally did. It was so empowering! I want all of my family and friends to have this knowledge.  ~Cheryl (57)

“This class has made me more confident in my ability to respond smartly to an attack and not freeze.”  ~Nicole (34)

Regina Rowley 2015 - 2019
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