Regina Rowley

The History of KUTA

I stumbled upon Hikuta, a self defense system, years ago in my research. The basis for Hikuta is the ancient art of Kuta. Kuta was the form of self defense the Egyptians used to protect the pharoah.

What KUTA Stands For

I use KUTA as an acromyn for Keep Up The Awareness!

What Regina Teaches

CKM is an Israeli fighting system that was designed for hand to hand combat on the battlefield and was later adapted for use on the streets for self-defense. CKM classes are co-ed, although the majority of CKM students and instructors are men.

Women’s CKM, aka: Smartsafe is part of the CKM system but the techniques are customized to address the specific ways in which women are attacked. For example, women are often grabbed from behind or taken to the ground, (whereas men are more apt to become involved in a fist fight or be grabbed in a headlock) . Smartsafe classes are for women only.

Through Smartsafe training, women face the ways in which they hold themselves back in life; to overcome their deep-seated fears; and to reach inside themselves and push past their perceived limitations. The ramifications of this training reach deep into women’s lives and create a ripple effect of benefits. When women face feelings of fear, lack of control, vulnerability, weakness, and inadequacy and are put into a scenario (KUTA/SmartSafe training) wherein they are able to not only overcome these feelings but also to transmute them into power…they transform. The training is a kind of awakening process, in that women are being reshaped, renewed, strengthened, and evolved on an emotional, mental, and physical level!

Ladies, you deserve to learn to protect and empower yourselves while still remaining true to who you are. When you become empowered to move through the world you inhabit safely, your true confidence emerges. This empowered confidence is a necessary component on your journey to self-mastery!

KUTA in Action

KUTA in action

Regina Rowley 2015 - 2019
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