Regina Rowley

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“You are very good at explaining moves, demonstrating them and patient. My favorite technique is the wave strike. This class has taught me to pay attention! I think that because this class has been out of my comfort zone, (but totally doable) it has encouraged me to try other activities I would not have considered before.  ~Amanda, 28

More About Regina Rowley

I began taking Taekwondo years ago with my son. I found the demanding mental and physical exercise highly beneficial and continued even after he was finished. Spring 2008 afforded me the opportunity to achieve my Black Belt.  By 2009 I knew I would be teaching women’s self defense and began researching programs. I came across several including Hikuta and have high regards for it. Krav Maga, the official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces is the foundation for Commando Krav Maga.  Smartsafe, aka: Women’s Commando Krav Maga, is the program I have chosen to teach, receiving my first certification in NYC March 2010.

Finding Yoga beneficial for healing after trauma, I have certified to teach Hot and Vinyasa Yoga.

Personal development equips us to move forward and fulfill our purpose. Toastmasters, International has been an important part of my personal development, preparing me to enlighten and empower others as a public speaker.

As an author in Share Your Message with the World and in Behind Her Brand, Regina inspires and encourages others to live life on purpose. In her book: I Am Priceless, Voices of Victory Over Violence, Regina shares more about her abusive childhood, the years of discovery and recovery, and most importantly tools she has found beneficial to #HealingForward. As a speaker and instructor she brings awareness to the critical issues of domestic violence and sexual assault while providing mindful solutions for psychological and physical self defense.

Whether speaking, writing or teaching, Regina is sensitive, fun and perceptive as she shows women how to tap into their inner strength, gaining confidence to be their first line of defense. She is encouraging and enlightening as she provides details to overcome fear. “Confidence is the unconquerable enemy of fear.” ~Regina Rowley

As I speak to women’s groups on Personal Worth, Personal Safety and Overcoming FEARS, I am helping them understand WHY personal value is such an important issue. How our self-esteem and self-worth impact everything we do, or don’t do. I share the I Am Priceless message and guide women to embrace themselves with love and compassion. is a unified community providing hope and support for women overcoming violence. We are building new legacies.

“Oh that every woman knew how to defend herself and would!”  -Regina     


Taekwondo Black Belt: 2008

Rape Aggression Defense: 2009

Smartsafe Instructor, Lev 1 & 2, 2010

Smartsafe Instructor, Lev 3, 2011

Smartsafe Instructor, Level 4, 2012

WIN! Life Skills Instructor,  2012

Hot Yoga Instructor, 2014

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, 2015

200 RYT Yoga Instructor, 2016


“After taking just one hour of Smartsafe, women will become more empowered, more aware, and learn to protect themselves and their loved ones. Staying the course through regular Smartsafe training, will provide women the necessary training to survive a violent confrontation choosing not to become a target of opportunity.”   ~Dennis Stoika – CKM instructor, WCKM-Smartsafe instructor, CKM for Law Enforcement/Military instructor, and ECF Instructor, Former United States Marine, Former local Police Officer, Current Federal Agent

“Early in my life, I was harassed by my ex-husband. I let fear rule me and my reactions. I now know I will not let fear rule my reactions. I will and CAN fight back!” ~Betty (59)

I have always wanted to do this and glad I finally did. It was so empowering! I want all of my family and friends to have this knowledge.  ~Cheryl (57)

“This class has made me more confident in my ability to respond smartly to an attack and not freeze.”  ~Nicole (34)

Regina Rowley 2015